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Elden Ring PVP Weapon Recommendations

What are the recommendations for pvp weapons in the ring of eldon? How to PvP in the Ring of Eldon? What are the hot spots for PVP?

To enter PVP, use the item “Festering Blood Finger”. This will give you 5 when you complete the White Mask quest. After completing the White Mask quest process, you can also get permanent and unlimited invasion items.

Ayrdon Ring PVP Weapon Recommendations

There are two main places in PVP:

First place: Church of Islay/The Beginning of Guidance

As a popular location at the beginning of the guide, it is easy to encounter invasion, but now it is an old ASS, and the invasion here will be ready for 1V3, often it can be equipped with a set of meat shields and two people on both sides of the host. It’s annoying to wait for you. If you are confident in your technique, you can give it a try.

The second place: the main entrance of the college

Ayrdon Ring PVP Weapon Recommendations
Ayrdon Ring PVP Weapon Recommendations

The main entrance of the academy is a very large place, which is very suitable for 1v1.

Of course, other places can also invade people. Now that Aerdun ‘s Ring is so popular, and the number one hit on Steam, I’m not afraid that people won’t be invaded. It’s just that these two places are the places with the most people, so you don’t have to wait in line.

In addition, there is a relationship between PVP level matching. Invasion has level detection. If your level is too high, you will not be matched with low-level players.

The following is the PVP situation of each level interval sorted by netizens

Below level 40: It is still in the novice stage, and most of the equipment points cannot be formed. Of course, there are people who specialize in leveling up a set of high-strength equipment to bully the novice. At this time, PVP is not very fun.

Level 70-80: Very popular in the steam discussion community after the 1.03 update. At this time, adding some points can add an ability to the soft upper limit. Mage has less blood and cannot wear heavy armor. Most of the equipment can basically be formed.

120/125: You can add two attack attributes to the soft upper limit. At this time, the mage generally has high blood, and can even wear heavy armor

150: The highest level of discussion. You can put two important abilities to the soft upper limit (60-80), heavy armored mages often appear, and light weapons are generally not easy to mix.

Above 200: If you don’t wear heavy armor, you will often be killed instantly. The player’s damage is extremely high, and it is often the first person who hits the opponent to spit blood, and the person who is hit first will be at a great disadvantage.

pvp weapon recommendation

T0: Corpse Mountain Blood Sea Kalia Return

Ayrdon Ring PVP Weapon Recommendations

Corpse Mountain and Blood Sea has high damage, large range, toughness, can play abnormally, and is easy to use. I recommend it to everyone.

The current version of Kaliabong is super perverted, and the damage is huge, but it is slow to start, and it is easy to be seen and dealt with.

T1: Famous Sword Moon Hidden Double Bleeding Teeth, Hyperbolic Sword/Double-Ended Sword, Quick Shot

Yue Yinjuhe has a quick shot and high damage. Although it is slashed and tough, it can still be used in T1 because of the shot speed and damage.

Double bleeding tusks, hyperbolic swords/double-headed knives are all bleeding, combined with incision and hound’s pace jumping and slashing, causing a lot of damage

T2: Hound Step Mage, Mare’s Execution Sword, Great Shield Razor/Cross Razor/Lance

Hound Step Mage can always keep a distance, very strong! Cast spells of different schools. A lot of FP also allows them to use hounds more recklessly, which is a great advantage in advanced PvP with reloading

The Mare Family Execution Sword is an unexpected weapon. Basically, it will be very unlucky to be hit once, and low-level PvP is more advantageous.

Large shield flow has high fault tolerance, but is afraid of scythes/other weapons that can attack through shields

T3: Double Razor Sword, Valkyrie Righteous Hand Knife, Dragon King Rabbit Sword, Divine Body Transformation Sword

The double rapier can be pure physical/status flow, and the rapier/Roger rapier/ant needle/ice rapier can be used. It can be paired with freezing flow, and it is very useful to freeze people in a few times.

Valkyrie’s righteous hand sword has a super high level of combat skills, but it is not easy to hit, and there is no hegemony. It will be stronger when used in conjunction with reloading/elixir, and has an advantage in invasion battles

The Dragon King’s stabbing sword has a domineering body, and it can also store energy, making it difficult for the enemy to judge the timing of the fall. Only adding dexterity will have good lightning damage; the reason why the combat skills have their own domineering body is that low-level PvP can beat Zombie Mountain/Yueyin

The Divine Body Transformation Sword has a huge range of combat skills, which can be combined with combat skills to shorten the distance at the same time, but the flaws in combat skills are also very large. Advantages in Invasion Wars

Others: Shield reflux, etc.

This really depends on the technology. It is not difficult to win T0 if the big boss shield is accurate, it mainly depends on the technology.

As for the war ash, in addition to the brainless recommended hounds with their own combat skills, the real EX level

There is also a lunge (spin/lift)

Because this generation’s toughness value is difficult to recover naturally, it is usually hard to be cut again after being slashed with no toughness value.

Because your toughness has bottomed out, it will only return to full after it’s hardened. However, casting a combat technique lunge will restore full fortitude

Allows you to maintain full strength as much as possible to avoid being interrupted.

Ayrdon Ring PVP Weapon Recommendations