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How To Beat Margit?

Combat strategy:

Using lone wolf ashes can help hold the aggro of the margit long enough for the player to get some simple damage through spells or melee attacks. Wolves are better than northern mercenaries in this fight because you just need them to be alive and it’s definitely more difficult for the boss to kill three targets than one.

If you have access to the Claw of the Beast and the Amphibole Star, then you may consider bringing only 1 blood bottle so that the player has more mana when they decide to use them.

Although on the surface his glowing yellow blade appears to be physical damage, his staff is not.

Wait for him to do a jumping dive attack with his hammer, then roll towards him for some easy damage. This is your best start in this battle.

Melee combat

This is a very tough fight for melee players, as the margit is very aggressive and has long combos, making it difficult for players to block the entire attack phase. You must block very carefully and dodge most of his attacks to maintain enough stamina for your subsequent counter-attacks.

If you attack him quickly, with Lone Wolf Ash, between you and the wolf’s attack, you can stagger him and get a sneak attack backstab. If you can try to trigger a backstab, do so as soon as possible.

Having a higher health allows you to trade blood more easily, and players recommend wearing the Crucible suit in this fight to help reduce the damage you take. It’s the meatiest armor in closed network testing and should keep you alive longer, assuming you have enough weight and stamina, of course.

Lure his attacks and wait until you’re sure he’s stopped swinging before attacking, as he can expand certain combos into longer move derivations if he thinks he can hit you. You might get hurt a few times by guessing wrong, but that’s okay.

Find when his jumping hammer is attacking and roll towards him, and do one or two attacks while he is still in the landing animation. Don’t be too greedy for knives, you can rarely do multiple attacks without taking damage, and you can’t finish your potion every time.

Remote play

Magic and ranged players are slightly easier to play, although a short bow can be a little uncomfortable.

Margit is usually not aggressive when the player is not approaching him. If you can keep your distance from him before he enters the “Non-Hostile” phase, you can easily hit him with ranged attacks for a short period of time for free damage. Just make sure to watch out for his blade throwing attacks so you don’t get hit.

The player should attack him with the Claw of the Beast or the Amphibole Star as they work well. Their casting times are quite different, so players should keep a proper distance from the boss. Also, it’s good to use your off-hand shield to block in an emergency or after casting a spell, in case you get too close to the boss.

You can use Lone Wolf Ash to draw boss aggro, and if you use it properly, you can knock him out in less than a minute. Wait for the wolves to successfully attract the aggro of the boss, then cast spell after spell, making sure to stop when you gain aggro to give the wolf time to attract the boss’s aggro again before continuing your spell attack.


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